It Can Get Worse

I do not necessarily look at this as an ‘either / or’ situation. It could be. But I tend to look at it more as an ‘and’ situation. Both bad things will happen to us.

First, in order to make sure that the country does not go into default, POTUS will cave in to Republican demands that both Social Security and Medicare be cut. Great ! ! That means that not only will Wall Street and the Banksters get away with fleecing the country, but the American public will continue to get screwed.

Second is the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that is used to compute increases in the monthly payment to Social Security recipients, federal government retirees and other retired folks. As things look now, we are on track to get a 3.5% increase when it takes effect next January.

But, The Republicans, with the help of some friendly Democrats are going to screw those that can least afford it. Here’s what is on the table: Seniors buying patterns differ from the average consumer. Seniors have higher medical costs and lower housing/start-up costs.

The term “Chained CPI” would be applied to any COLA increase. The term means that if a desirable item increased in price in the store, seniors would substitute a lower cost item. The lower cost item would be used in computing the actual cost of living increase.

And those spineless – did I just say spineless? – I meant to say those with no backbone Democrats including those at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will fold like a house of cards in a windstorm.

When I worked on the local Obama campaign, three years ago, I really thought that he was on the side of the average citizen.

I really wonder if McCain would have been any worse?

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One Comment on “It Can Get Worse”

  1. Tom Bales Says:

    I’m glad others agree that in our zeal to elect “anybody but a Republican” we pretty much elected ourselves a… Republican.

    I flipping hate being that wrong about someone.

    Tom B

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