Spineless Coward In The White House

I was going to name this post “Who Do Dems Represent” but changed my mind after seeing the headlines at DemocracyNow.

According to the Washington Post, Obama is now backing a plan that would impose significant cuts to Medicare spending and retirement benefits under Social Security. A Democratic official said the White House recognizes a consensus to now tackle “entitlement reform” in part by slashing social safety-net programs because “these moments come along at most once a decade.”

RawStoryhas a post titled “Obama puts Social Security, Medicare cuts on the table.”

First question is who do the Dems think they represent?  Where are their spines?  Following eight years of the Worst. President. Ever (and the first six years he had a Republican congress) that put us asshole over teakettle in debt and those spineless cowards in the White House are letting the Rs roll them like they were a drunk wino.

I guess I was wrong to think the Dems looked out for the 250 million or so citizens that make less than $100,000 a year.

Second.  We absolutely and emphatically do not need “entitlement reform.”  We need tax code reform.  Reform the Bush II part of the code that allows hedge fund managers to pay, at max, a federal income tax of 15%.  We need GE, Exxon-Mobil to just pay any tax instead of the taxpayer rewarding them for moving jobs overseas by giving them corporate welfare.

From Steve Benen at Washington Monthly

While we take stock of where things stand, let’s also mention a couple of other noteworthy developments. We learned this morning, for example, that House Democrats were enraged by the reports about possible entitlement cuts, but the White House believes progressive concerns have been exaggerated by incomplete media coverage. Referencing the Washington Postpiece, a senior administration official told Sam Stein, “The story overshoots the runway.”

Bottom Line:  This budget/debt problem was caused by a Republican president and the two houses of congress both controlled by Republicans.

I kept my end of the bargain by paying my taxes, showing up for work every day and being a loyal citizen.  If you mess with SS or Medicare do not expext me to show up at the polls November 2012.

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