I Think Rachel Is Wrong

On The Rachel Maddow Show on 7 Jul, Rachel opined that the idea of SS and Medicare being “on the Table” was a trial balloon.

Then she had Raul Grijalva (D – NM) on to address that subject.  Rep. Grijalva acknowledged that was a possibility, but added that based on Obama’s past negotiating style (Afghanistan & Iraq – when are we getting out, compromises on Bush tax cuts last December) the President may in fact try to barter away benefits.

My take, FWIW, is that POTUS will give away 90 percent to get any small acknowledgement from the Republicans.  I do not have any kind of an explanation as to why the White House will not draw a line in the sand as deep and as wide as the Grand Canyon and tell the Repub, “Take it it or leave it.”

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