Why ?

How can so many things be going wrong at the same time and no one is in an uproar about it?

Certainly I must’ve misheard.  You asked, “What is going wrong?”

  • Why do we have better than 80,000 troops in Afghanistan?
  • Why do we have well over 100,000 civilian contractors in Afghanistan?
  • Why have the banksters and other Wall Street robber barons not been prosecuted?
  • Why are we using drones to kill people in Pakistan, Yemen and who knows where else?
  • Why is a Democrat POTUS putting SS and Medicare on the table?
  • Why is no one talking about the causes of the extreme weather?
  • Why is the minority in the U.S. Senate allowed to control the debate?
  • Why is POTUS against whistle blowers?

Have we witnessed our country becoming ungovernable?

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