The Speaker

I am a resident of The Speaker’s district, the Ohio 8th CD, which obligates me to point out his flaws (many) and his ineptitude (frequently).

Here is the latest quip, courtesy The BooMan Tribune: (my bolds)

 You have to picture this. You have McConnell and Kyl and Reid and Durbin and Pelosi and Hoyer and Boehner, and you have the president, the vice-president, and a bunch of wonky aides. They’re all sitting around trying to hash out a deal. And every half-hour or so Cantor interrupts the president to ask him to stop working on all this stuff and just cave in and give him everything he wants. The president gets more and more annoyed until he finally decides he’s had enough of Cantor’s crap. I don’t know what the hell Boehner is doing while all this is happening. He’s like a lamp post, but less useful.


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