Being Paid Not To Understand

When companies ship jobs to foreign countries, as has happened in the US over the last twenty or so years, the purchasing power of the middle class shrinks – in this case drastically.

From  Commenter 77 at the NYT:

You simply can’t have a robust consumer-based economy without a robust supply of consumers with cash in their pockets. When the great bulk of the income gains since the Reagan devolution have gone to an obscenely small portion of the population, the rest of us consumers are unable to keep buying the Chinese-made goods choking the shelves of department stores. Not nearly enough trickles down. That economic theory is bankrupt and those that continue to promote it are morally bankrupt as well. Keep pushing the bottom 90% down we’ll come apart.

If tax cuts for the wealthy created jobs, the US economy should have produced so many during the Bush years that we’d be recruiting Mexicans to immigrate to help fill them. Furthermore, if tax cuts for the wealthy created really good paying jobs the economy would be humming along at full employment.

It used to be that the poor fought the wars and the rich payed for them. Now is fight and pay for it too. The bottom 90% didn’t create this trickle down madness, but it sure looks like we’re going to pay for it. We’re being made slaves to the national debt. The overseers are doing quite well though, so we should all take heart in that pleasant thought.

But as my title implies, the Tea-idiots are getting ‘paid’ to ensure that Obama fails, so they hold the debt ceiling hostage.

We got here because we have too many low-information voters that are mad at the world after losing a job that went to India or China, that have no money to purchase and think there is an easy fix.

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