Supreme Politicians

And we come to Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.  Actually, personally, I hope I never do.

Mr Thomas has a wife, Virginia Thomas,  who is actively involved in TeaParty/conservative politics.

Now, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, has recast herself yet again, this time as the head of a firm, Liberty Consulting, which boasts on its website using her “experience and connections” to help clients “with “governmental affairs efforts” and political donation strategies.

Thomas already has met with nearly half of the 99 GOP freshmen in the House and Senate, according to an e-mail she sent last week to congressional chiefs of staff, in which she branded herself “a self-appointed, ambassador to the freshmen class and an ambassador to the tea party movement.”

But her latest career incarnation is sparking controversy again.

Thomas’s role as a de facto tea party lobbyist and — until recently — as head of a tea party group that worked to defeat Democrats last November “show a new level of arrogance of just not caring that the court is being politicized and how that undermines the historic image of the Supreme Court as being above the political fray,” said Arn Pearson, a lawyer for Common Cause, the left-leaning government watchdog group.

“It raises additional questions about whether Justice Thomas can be unbiased and appear to be unbiased in cases dealing with the repeal of the health care reform law or corporate political spending when his wife is working to elect members of the tea party and also advocating for their policies.”

To understand that there is a right and honorable thing to do, we just need to go back to 1972 and the Flood v. Kuhn case that was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The applicable thing to know is this line from the Wiki entry cited above:

Justice Lewis Powellrecused himself from the case because he owned stock in Anheuser-Busch, which owned the Cardinals.

If Justice Thomas had any honor, any decency, he would recuse himself from any case before the court in which a reasonable person could see a conflict of interest.

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4 Comments on “Supreme Politicians”

  1. jonolan Says:

    That’s absolutely true. What is a patent falsehood is any claim that any Liberal could ever be classed as a reasonable person in this issue.

    All you traitors want is the SCOTUS turned back into some Liberal hotbed of anti-Americanism and that isn’t going to happen.

    BTW – Thomas is Black so, following Liberal “logic,” you’re just a filthy racist. ;-)

  2. Chief Says:

    After a two and a half month forced hiatus due to Mrs. Chief being confined to a wheelchair, I am glad to get a comment and see that readers are still there.


  3. jonolan Says:

    Your hiatus, such as it was, was over some time ago, Chief. But’s that’s the sort of “fuzzy” half-truth you Liberals like, isn’t it?

  4. Chief Says:

    Somewhere around the 6th of July. Half-truth? Dunno.

    She had the cast on for 12 weeks and four days. Cast came off on 20 July.

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