I Did Not Cause This Problem

I was not involved in the repeal of Glass-Steagall.  My name is not Senator Gramm a Republican from Texas.

I did not slice & dice mortgages nor did I set a criminally low tax rate for billionaire hedge fund managers.

In short, “I did not cause this problem.”

And me and other retired seniors and those folks running the checkouts at your local Wal-Mart or local gas station that are making $25 or $40 grand a year did not cause what ever problem some dick-head, teaparty mother-fucker in Washington, DC thinks we should be helping to solve.

If the marginal tax rate cannot go up for those folks earning over a half million a year, then I will not, absolutely will N. O. T. vote for the top of the ticket in Nov 1012.

I will not vote for a Republican.  And, if I am part of some ‘shared’ solution, then that means that President Obama is just a little brighter Republican than his predecessor was.

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