Maybe I Was Hasty

On second thought, maybe I was a little hasty in my last post.

Here is an anecdotal example of where a competent person who lacks supervisory experience can have difficulty with a common task.

Mr. Chief broke her right leg in April of this year.  The cast was removed on 20 July, nine days ago.  She is still essentially wheel-chair bound.

This morning, she decided to make some bread pudding.  There was left over milk that she didn’t want to spoil and she had bought an inexpensive loaf of bread for this project.  Chief is assisting.  Getting stuff, toasting bread, being part of the process.

But Mrs. Chief is so used to doing the whole thing herself, she gets confused between telling to do ‘X’ and her reading the recipe and doing ‘Y.’

Anyway, the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.  She put two of each in with the eggs et al, but did catch herself before it got mixed with the bread.

By her having to direct me and then her doing her part things went FUBAR.

She is not used to supervising.  Maybe POTUS has the same problem

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