Heat or God Must Hate Texas


Ah-h-h, yes, wonderful Texas </ snark.

From the Star-Telegram

The hot streak continued today, as temperatures soared to a record 109 degrees at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the 33rd consecutive day of triple-digit heat and 40th overall in North Texas this year.

And Governor Perry asked in April for rain and he’s still waiting.

As wildfires continue to scorch the state of Texas, Gov. Rick Perry is asking for prayer.

The unprecedented droughts, strong winds, and low humidity are to blame for the severe conditions spreading throughout Texas. Hundreds of homes have fallen to ashes and the once lush acres of trees have turned into charred sticks.

Well, the praying in April didn’t help.  And any praying since April has not stemmed the triple digit heat.  So do we expect the christian prayer event scheduled for 6 Aug to rally help?

It appears to me that God really hates Texas.

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