It Is Happening – Again

Twenty plus years ago, the United States was supplying a variety of arms to the mujaheddin.  The result, before the Russians left Afghanistan, was a landscape littered with Russian helicopters that had been shot down by mujaheddin fighters using U.S. provided shoulder fired, surface to air Stinger missiles.

This from an MSNBC report from 2004

In 2003, the State Department reached agreements with other countries to better control the weapons, but such agreements are voluntary and nonbinding, the report said.  In that same year the DoD ordered reinstated a 1982 policy requiring its inspectors to conduct annual inventory checks of 100 percent of the Stinger missiles sold overseas.  That 1982 policy—the year the U.S. first started selling Stingers abroad—was reduced to only five percent in 1998.

There were thousands of Stinger missiles sold to or given to foreign entities (read: mujaheddin) during the 1980s.  No accounting for them, they were given away by the truckload.

And what, exactly, is biting us in the ass now?  From the NY Times  (emphasis mine)

In the deadliest day for American forces in the nearly decade-long war in Afghanistan, insurgents shot down a Chinook transport helicopter on Saturday, killing 30 Americans, including some Navy Seal commandos from the unit that killed Osama bin Laden, as well as 8 Afghans, American and Afghan officials said.

We’ve been in Afghanistan far too long.

Declare victory.

Bring the troops home.


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