Full Circle ?

So, we had a King.  Not in our time.  But we had a King.  He was called George III and it was in the 1770s.  Long time ago.  And the King ruled over a two tier society.  Those that had (2%) and those that had not (98%).

Between the King and the powers his predecessors had ceded to parliament, well the North American colonists didn’t have a lot of say.  And the colonists wondered, “Why are we being dumped on?”

And the dumpers, King and parliament, figured that those being dumped on had no choice.  The dumpers never believed that those being dumped on would do anything about it.

And after a meeting Philadelphia, PA, the dumpers found themselves on the wrong side of a revolution, which the dumpers knew they would win but ultimately got their asses kicked.

And except for that little problem (slavery) in the southern states, things went along swimmingly for quite awhile.

That is until corporations came along and began to gain more and more power.

And after tax code manipulation and “free” trade agreements and rulings by the Supreme Court a two-tiered society appeared, again.  Those that had (2%) and those that had not (98%).

What are the dumpers (2%) thinking?

What are the dumpees (98%) thinking?

Have we come full circle in 240 plus years?

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