Okay.  It was not wildly successful.  The Dems in Wisconsin did not take control of the Wisconsin state senate.  They fell one seat short of that.

But they were successful on several counts.

First, they showed the Republican/teatard/Koch-sucking enemies of the working people that they are just not going to sit and take it.  They showed those that are paying attention that when the enemies of the working people try to take away hard earned “rights” that there will be push-back.

Second.  Two sitting Republican state senators have been recalled.  They lost a prestigious position because they followed a Koch-sucking governor.  This fact will give pause in the future to any attempted over-reach by elected officials.

Third.  Nationally, the Dem base, the grass roots can see the positive effects of the recall effort.

Next will be Ohio this November.  Voters will have the opportunity to overturn Gov Kasich’s SB-5 that limits collective bargaining by public employees.

From a 20 July Quinnipiac Univ poll

Opponents of Gov. Kasich’s legislation to limit collective bargaining for public employees retain a 56 – 32 lead in the expected November referendum, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

Fighting back works.  Is President Obama paying attention?

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