Not A New Idea

Most people date this neo-conservative movement to the first Reagan administration.

I agree that it is about that time but I see the beginning (of the neo-con movement) being the people behind the U.S. going off the Bretton Woods agreement.  So, instead of governments setting monetary policy, the big banking houses did.

And, things slowly went down hill for the middle-class in the United States.

Then along comes NAFTA negotiated by George H. W. Bush’s administration.  Followed by CAFTA in 2004.  And the middle class got a little worse off.

But the accelerator, the gas on the fire as to how we got here was the Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore.

If the recount in Florida was allowed to go on, some say Gore would have won and very possibly the wasteful decade of the oughts would have turned out differently.

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