Employees Getting Screwed

When I think of workers getting screwed, ripped-off by management, I think of my knowledge of how workers in the United States have been treated by the barons of industry, the Rockerfellers, the Vanderbilts, the Fords and other industrial giants. You know, the ugly side of capitalism at work.

But I had not considered the possibility of the same thing occurring in another part of the world.  I am watching on Current TV (Keith Olbermann’s new home) a show hosted by Adam Yamaguichi titled Saving Madagascar.

Most of the show is about how a poor population is trying to survive and the hit that survival is causing to the environment.  The government is trying to promote eco-tourism as an alternative to slash-and-burn agricultural techniques.

At 20:30 in the video is when we see the ugly side of capitalism rear its ugly head.  Ilmenite is an element used in the production of paint.

Most ilmenite is mined for titanium dioxide production. Finely ground titanium dioxide is a bright white powder widely used as a base pigment in paint, paper and plastics.

What is important to know from the video is the number of farmers and fishermen that have been put out of work because of the ilmenite mining.

Remember, this can happen anywhere, even in your backyard.

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