A Horrible Situation

This is a real situation.  This happened to my niece and her husband on Wednesday the third of August, this year.   Three and a half weeks ago.

He is 49 years old, she a few years younger.  They were riding their motorcycle, apparently obeying all applicable traffic laws, when a lady, who was later arrested at the scene for being under the influence, ran a stop sign. Where upon the motorcycle struck the car at a high rate of speed.  The sudden stopping of the bike caused both my niece and her husband to fly through the air some distance.

Both were air-evac’ed to a hospital about 30 miles from the accident scene.

Niece suffered the worst damage.  Multiple skull fractures and multiple fractures of the left leg.  He lost most of or virtually all the soft tissue and tendons on the back of the upper left leg.

Niece was in a medically induced coma for about 11 days.  The doctors wanted minimal brain activity so the swelling would go down.  In order to reduce brain activity, they inserted a breathing tube.

Both were self employed at their own business, no health insurance and neither was wearing a helmet.  Ohio does not have a mandatory helmet law for adults.

The estimate is that she will be, at a minimum, six months in hospital. He has been transferred to another hospital awaiting donor tissue in the attempt to repair his leg.

How long before either of them will be out of hospital, there are no estimates.

Who pays all the medical bills?  How do they support themselves?  Will they ever, especially my niece, be able to work again?  If she does not have the mental or physical capacity to work, how does she survive?  Dose she go in a “facility” with Social Security picking up the tab?

I’m sure that if the lady that caused the accident had insurance, her insurance company will have to fork over some money up to the limits of her policy.  And the hospital can also go after the lady that caused the accident.

My Niece’s mom & dad are approaching seventy.  They cannot take care of her full time.  And her husband has no family except a son by a previous marriage and after a year in Iraq with the USMC, he’s not all here.

I don’t have a lot of answers for a situation like this.

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