Where Is The Outrage


There are two and only two things which the Obama Administration and all citizens  in the country should be focused on.

The first is  un-employment.  There are at least 15 million unemployed.

For the numbers on job creation for all presidents since the end of WW2, the Wall Street Journal has a chart here.  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to import it.

Of the eleven presidents listed, Clinton has the best record for job creation and Bush II the worst record.  Do ya think that maybe the Obama people could learn a thing or two from Clinton and his people?

And it is not enough for President Obama to give stump speeches about “jobs.”  No, he has to first engage and get the American people involved.  He has to absolutely embarrass the Republicans.  He has to be on the Republican ass like stink on shit.  No compromise, never giving an inch.  Anything less vigorous dims the chance of re-election.

Second is the lack of any investigations into the possibly illegal behavior of the Bush Administration.

There were a lot of activities in which the Bush administration was involved.  A good number of those activities were illegal.  And a good number were serious breeches of normal behavior among civilized nations.  Unfortunately the clock has run out on a lot of them.  But it has not run out on torture.  People like Cheney, Addington, Yoo, Bybee – all knew what was being done durinf secret rendition and waterboarding (torture) was against treaties to which the US was a signatory.

Not investigating (and prosecuting where there is enough evidence) will just allow any administration in the future to do the same thing.

Unconscionable, that a lawyer who graduated from the premier law school in the country would have such disdain for the law.


Any politician who talks about ANY other issue is dodging the solution to the problems facing us as a nation.

Any other issue means: abortion, climate change or lack thereof, debt ceiling, raising or lowering taxes are all a smoke screen for avoiding getting America going again.


Here is a link to Dan Froomkin’s “Eleven Questions Reporters Should Be Asking Dick Cheney.”

E. Y. E.     O. P. E. N. I. N. G.

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