This Is Beyond My Understanding

I haven’t figured out whether the folks working in the White House are dumb or stupid or both dumb and stupid.

If the President wants to speak to a joint session of Congress on a night that he KNOWS the Republican pretenders are going to have a mock debate and he has to be certain the R’s will say no, why did he even ask for or not even fight for it?

If you ask and then cave, you look like a wimp, at best, spineless, at worst.  If the President is not ready to blame all the country’s unemployment woes on the RepubliKKKans, then he should not be asking to use the House chamber. Period.

The unemployment problem is to bad to even wait until next week (and he could have requested the 6th of Sep) so why isn’t he giving a prime time TV address this week?

Seems to be another case of ineptitude on the part of the President.

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