A Test

This is an essay type test.  Take all the time you need.  Look up the answers or your supposed answers on the internet.

Leave you answers in comments.  I will grade later.


1. Who was the POTUS when NAFTA was drafted?

2. Which party controlled congress when NAFTA was passed and sent to POTUS’s desk?

3. Who was the POTUS when CAFTA was drafted?

4. Which party controlled congress when CAFTA was passed and sent to POTUS’s desk?

Now, go read this long piece at TruthOut and thank Steve Benen for bringing it to your attention.

Steve says,

Before this morning, I’d never heard of Mike Lofgren. But James Fallows explained that Lofgren recently retired from a lengthy career as an esteemed Capitol Hill staffer. Fallows characterized him as a respected, knowledgeable figure.

And with this in mind, it was rather striking to read the lengthy piece Lofgren wrote for Truth Out, published yesterday with this headline: “Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult.”

To be sure, this Republican aide is not at all a fan of Democrats. But he also believes “nothing … quite matches the modern GOP.”

Citizens United which led to the election debacle last November which led to the debt ceiling crisis of this summer are the latest incarnation of “the rich are not rich enough as long as you have something.”

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2 Comments on “A Test”

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  2. I’m working closed-intertubes.
    1. “Drafted” might be a trick word, but I’ll stick with Bill Clinton. I know he signed it, and I’m almost sure he drafted it.
    2. GOP. Like “Welfore Reform”, it took a “bi-partisan” coalition to give this sope to the business class. I think it was late Clinton first term or early second.
    3. Bush43.
    4. This was the hardest to answer, and I’m using testsymmetry to make it my final answer. Dems. After 2006.
    Mark Erickson – Saint Paul, MN

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