There are some bloggers, and a few commentators, whose intellect is superior to mine, as is their writing ability that I really respect.  But a few of these people are thin-skinned.  They do not take constructive criticism well.

Specifically, I am referring to the idea that some say that given the votes in Congress that Obama has done all that he can do.

To which I’ve said and continue to believe, that when one is negotiating, one does not tell the opposing party what you will give up on and what you will fight for.

The Obama team is horrible at negotiating and if POTUS thinks that by being “post-partisan” he will appear as the adult in the room and he will be respected, he is wrong.

By caving in on the “important-to-the-base” issues, he appears to be weak, to be a wimp and to be not willing to fight for what ever it is he believes in.

The Dems let the Repubs frame the issue and then lose the argument to the Repubs on their terms.

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