More Caving

Regarding the President’s speech last night, it appears to me that he has caved in the writing of it.

BooMan has a copy of the speech and .pdf document of talking points for the American Jobs Act.

Here is where he caves (bottom of first page):

5. Fully Paid for as Part of the President’s Long-Term Deficit Reduction Plan. To ensure that the American Jobs Act is fully paid for, the President will call on the Joint Committee to come up with additional deficit reduction necessary to pay for the Act and still meet its deficit target. The President will, in the coming days, release a detailed plan that will show how we can do that while achieving the additional deficit reduction necessary to meet the President’s broader goal of stabilizing our debt as a share of the economy.

“Additional deficit reduction” is not going to come from the Department of Defense.  It has to come from discretionary social programs that hold the country together.  The fabric of society – education, WIC, Medicaid, education – is being ripped asunder.

If there is any net job creation, who will bear the brunt of the costs if not the middle class and the poor?

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