An Anniversary

11 September.

I do not think that I have changed much.  I am ten years older.  But I still hold the U.S. Constitution as a guiding document.  That and a few verses from the King James version of the bible such as the ten commandments, the beatitudes and “do unto others.”

I do not fly.  I have no reason to fly.  If I was going to go somewhere, alone, in the U.S., I would check out military Space – A because as a retired Navy person, I have that option.  But so far, I have no reason to exercise that option.

“Fear of Terrorists” —  give me a break ! !  When I was still in the workforce, I was an employee of the U.S government.  We had a special agent assigned to our outfit.  Not because of the events ten years ago.  He had been there since the early nineties.  And he was given financially large boondoggles after the twin towers fell guarding Mt Rushmore or the Hoover Dam or where ever.

Hey, folks number one, we are all going to die – sometime.  Life is fatal.  You die, get buried under an expensive marker and in a hundred years, no one will have a clue as to who you were.

So, if one lives a prudent life, i.e. don’t lust after the Godfathers youngest daughter, one should live to a relatively old age


Now, what I am really trying to say, if it hasn’t dawned on you, is “screw all the speeches and remembrances and all the stuff that Darth Cheney did to scare you shit-less” and go out and enjoy life.

If you want to read about how bad the Bush – Obama cabal has screwed up the world and abrogated the Constitution go here or go here to get to Noam Chomsky’s take on events.

As for me, I’ll watch The Battle of Ohio this afternoon as the Cincinnati Bengals travel up I – 71 to engage the Cleveland Browns in a game of American football.

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