Family Income

How many of you readers can recall living in the typical “50s family sitcom” situation where dad went off to work during the day and mom stayed home and did housewifey things?  Or perhaps, for you younger readers, you heard anecdotal stories of that being the way your grandparents lived.

That was a time when America built a middle-class on one working man’s salary.

Post-World War Two, after all the ‘boys’ came home from the war, to well into the sixties, that was how America lived.

I think that my experience is fairly typical, so I will relate it.

My parents came of age just as the Great Depression was reaching its deepest depths, but still getting worse in 1931-32.  Out of necessity, both before and after my parents married in 1937, my mother worked.

She stopped working sometime before I was born in 1941 until the youngest of us started school in 1955 when she returned to the workforce.  She eventually retired after twenty years as a bank teller.


This way of life did exist.  It was possible.  There were good paying union jobs.  And people with good jobs have money to spend.  And right now – today – we need those people to spend some money.  But –” What?  You say those people don’t exist?  You say the Koch Brothers and the Republicans and that guy that wants to drown the gov’t in a bathtub have gotten rid of the unions?”

NAFTA and CAFTA have eliminated the bulk of the good union jobs and the foreign car manufacturers that located in the southern states have helped them disappear, too.

A solution is to vote for progressives and liberals that believe in a strong middle-class.  Those folks in Ohio need to Vote NO on Issue 2.

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