Last month I wrote this.  What happened since I will summarize.

She appears to have survived physically, for appearances, intact.  But her memory comes and goes.  At times she wonders what she is doing in the hospital and what happened to her hair.

Her husband, on the physical side, not so lucky.  During accident, he lost all the calf muscle, down to the bone, on his left leg.  After he was transferred to a hospital that specializes in the procedure, two muscle graft/transfers were attempted, taking muscle from another part of his body.  Both procedures were unsuccessful.  They will try one more time on some type of operation to put muscle where his calf was.


The medical/hospital bills for these two have exceeded one and a quarter million dollars or $1,250,000.

Republican talking points say that charities, churches and even physicians will “donate” for those that have no insurance.  Well, I’ve always believed that was a royal crock considering that I was born before WW2 in a public hospital and my parents had to pay up front, in cash, before my mother, in labor of course, would be admitted.


Continuing with the update.

These past two weekends there were two fundraisers.  You know a poker run, raffles, auctions, the events being included in one or both.

A grand total of just over $11,000 was raised.  That will make the mortgage payment on the house, keep the utilities turned on, that kind of stuff.

But nothing near paying the huge medical bill.

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