Calling All Men – And The Women Who Love Them

I don’t do book reviews. Kathy is the resident expert in that field and her reviews can be found here. This is more important than a review of a book that I either liked or did not like.

Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers : No More Unnecessary Biopsies, Radical Treatment or Loss of Sexual Potency by Ralph H. Blum and Mark Scholz, MD is a book that all men – and the women who love them – should read before the family physician says, “Your PSA number is a little high. I’m referring you to urologist.”

I heard those very words this past summer and I visited a urologist. As soon as the doctor started talking to me, I felt he was ‘selling’ me or preparing me, if you will, on both a needle biopsy and prostate surgery.

And sure enough, after a two week regimen of cipro, my PSA was still 5.8. And I said “Thank you” and walked away. Actually, I declined any further offers by telephone.

And I went back to my family doc and explained what I did and why. And Doc felt my ‘selling’ suspicions were unfounded, the urologist was a good doc and what was proposed was a standard protocol.

I reluctantly agreed with doc, but subsequently reneged on that promise.

Then I ran across the above titled book in the New Book section of our local library. I like it so much, I subsequently bought my own copy.

According to the authors of the book, there are several other ways to treat prostate problems that have significantly better outcomes than having prostate surgery.

Remember, prostate cancer is the only cancer that is managed by a surgeon, who I might add has a vested interest in saying that surgery is the best option.

Read the book.  Have your significant other read it.






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