I see by this headline that the National Basketball Association  (NBA) is having a disagreement on how to divvy up “basketball related income” or BRI in media-speak.

Under the recently ended collective bargaining agreement or CBI, the players got 57% of BRI with the owners getting the remaining 43%.

The players are willing to give up (make concessions)  and take only 53% of BRI.  The owners want a 50 – 50 split.

I believe that the owners have the most to lose in this clash of big egos.  Why, you ask?  Because, basketball as opposed to professional football, is a world wide sport.  I religiously follow the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) in college basketball.  Very few MVC graduates ever play in the NBA and none ever leave school early to play pro ball.  But, a lot of MVC basketball players have gone on to have a career playing ball in Europe, Australia and New Zealand after graduation.

If the NBA does not have a season, do you think some, maybe a lot, of NBA players might jump to play in Europe?  If nothing else they will stay in shape.

Just sayin’.

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