Vote NO On Issue 3 In Ohio

I received the following from an unapologetic Democrat activist.

Remember to tell all your friends and relatives to repeal SB 5 and to support President Obama’s health care reform.
Vote “No on Issue 2” and “No on Issue 3.”

Regarding Issue 3, which is a constitutional amendment attacking health care reform, today’s (Oct. 22) Dayton Daily News opinion page contains an op-ed by Donald Nguyen, MD The Op Ed is below.

Act’s critics need to spend day with doctor
By Donald Nguyen

When Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and House Speaker John Boehner referred to the federal health care reforms known as the Affordable Care Act as a catastrophe and a monstrosity, I could not help but feel sad and sorry for them.

When I think of a catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Japan come to mind. Those are the monstrosities of nature that brought human suffering to millions. But the Affordable Care Act? Surely they cannot be serious.

I would like to invite Taylor and Boehner to accompany me to my clinic for just one day and introduce them to many of my patients whose lives have been changed and positively touched by this historic legislation. Maybe, then, they will choose their words more carefully and come to understand the human dynamic and need that makes these health care reforms something to be celebrated by all Americans.

Most learned observers believe that the two major provisions of the Affordable Care Act that have made the biggest impact are the elimination of insurance exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions and free preventative care, followed by the removal of the annual and lifetime dollar limits that will protect thousands of our fellow citizens from medical bankruptcy.

In Ohio alone, insurance companies now cannot deny coverage to 630,000 children with pre-existing conditions. Overnight, “child-coverage only” policies became extinct and are no longer offered by insurance companies. Because of the ACA, many patients of mine now are able to return to see me for their long awaited follow-up visits.

I challenge the misinformed opponents of these simple health care reforms to look into my patients’ eyes and explain to them why they oppose the ACA and label it a catastrophe. Obviously, they have not confronted the refusal of coverage or the limitation of treatment as many thousands have.

Thanks to the ACA, preventative care such as wellness checkups, immunizations, screening tests for cancer and diabetes, flu shots, mammograms, and counseling services for healthy living are now covered by many insurers at no cost. This emphasis on early detection and prevention could save millions in taxpayer dollars.

And under the ACA, insurance companies can no longer jack up the premiums without having to justify their actions to state and federal regulators.. Because of the passage of the ACA, lifetime dollar limits are no longer in effect, thereby protecting the six million Ohioans who now have private insurance. And when insurance companies do have to pay out for your medical care, they have to use at least 80 percent of the premium dollars on health care and not on CEO salaries or bonuses.

Retroactive to Jan. 1, 2010, the 147,000 small businesses in Ohio can claim a tax credit for providing health coverage to their employees, and, consequently, United HealthCare sold more than 75,000 new insurance plans to small businesses in 2010 alone.

In addition, one million young adults have the ability to acquire health coverage via their parents’ policies in the first quarter of 2011 alone.

The passage of the health care reform into law has been heralded as historic and momentous, yet I personally would use words like long overdue, indispensable, and a victory for the humanity of our society. And, because I am a physician first, I would never use those shameful denunciations that some in leadership have foolishly uttered. Instead, I would invite them to my office to learn firsthand how these essential reforms have dramatically changed the lives of my patients for the better.

Dr. Donald Nguyen is a pediatric urologist at Children’s Medical Center.


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