A Loon

And no insult is meant to all those common loons, which happen to be the state bird of Minnesota, by the way, but Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is about as looney as a loon.

Wow, look at this from the Des Moines Register

Michele Bachmann told a crowd here that growing tax burdens have undermined the American middle class and forced both parents into the workforce.

To support her argument, she said tax rates in 1950 were just 5 percent – a fraction of the overall tax rate today.

“The average amount of taxes that the average family (paid) was 5 percent overall,” Bachmann said.

With taxes that low, she continued, her father’s salary from the Air Force was enough to support her entire family. “A sergeant could have a wife and four children and the wife didn’t have to work because you paid 5 percent for your overall tax burden.”

Ms. Bachmann is, as the old saying goes, as full of shit as a Christmas goose.

The Ol’ Chief began his 21 year Navy career in 1958, within spitting distance of the date she gives.  And Mrs. Chief and I managed to raise four children and Mrs. Chief has never worked outside the home during any of the over 50 years we have been married.

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