Here Is Why

the OCCUPY Movement even exists. My story is anecdotal and may only be tangentially related to the protests, but it just one small example of how the 1% at the top have it all over the bottom 5%.

An unmarried man is the father of three minor children, all having the same mother.  She has custody, he has the kids every other weekend.

Unfortunately, the mother is killed in an automobile accident.  After she is buried, the father files the necessary paperwork with the court asking for custody.  He does this with out having an attorney as he cannot afford the $1,500 retainer.

He hears nothing from the court.

Then the man finds out that the maternal grandmother, with the assistance of counsel, has filed paper work for an emergency order for custody and has had an ex parte hearing before a judge and was awarded temporary custody.  And the judge was aware of the fathers filing and did nothing about it.  Apparently, if you are not represented by counsel, your case is put on the back burner and filed on top of a filing cabinet in the corner.

As far as I am concerned, the judge and the counsel representing the grand mom are part of the 1%.  The man, with a job barely above minimum wage, is in the bottom 5%.

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