Mayor of Kabul

You can read about the General’s remarks here, here and here.

For a 2-star flag officer to make those remarks to anyone is dangerous and really hard to understand why.  And it is especially hard to understand when he has just seen a few months ago, a 4-star General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, get sacked by the Commander-in-Chief for injudicious remarks published in Rolling Stone magazine.

It is ‘politically correct’ to fire Major General Fuller.

But the general was correct in what he said.  Karzai is, at best, the Mayor of Kabul.  He is a Pashtun, a member of a tribe whose territory extends in an east-west band across southern Afghanistan and southern Pakistan.

This tribalism in Afgnanistan is known by all who want to see it.  Afghanistan is not a country as we in the US of A understand the concept.  While the vast majority of the people are Muslim, there are five major and eleven minor ethnic groups.

The Library of Congress has a good explanation of Afghanistan here.

In my opinion, the United States needs to bring the troops home from Afghanistan for several reasons.  The biggest and most important reason is that we do not need any more of our service members killed or maimed in a effort that does not make the US any more secure.

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