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Here is how I approach voting.  I do not pretend to be able to look at every candidate for each office.  Impossible.

And, along that line, I realize that all candidates for offices higher than dog catcher probably have funds donated by interest groups.  I mean we all know that the Republicans in the House of Representatives are bought with humongous campaign donations from major corporations and interest groups (Pharma).

If a or the Republican(s) are for something, I know that it is probably going to hurt the middle class.  Not that all Democrats advocate policies that help those earning $40,000 a year, but a lot do advocate good government.

If there is one person running for a judges position and it says “Vote for One” I don’t bother. All that person needs is to vote for her/himself and they are in.

So, I vote for Democrats.  I will confess that I did vote for a Republican once.  He was a neighbor and personal friend who was running for States Attorney in the county.  He got slaughtered by the incumbent Democrat.

Historically, Democrats have been for the little guy.  They aren’t doing so good at that for the last 25 or so years but maybe #OCCUPY will give some of them Dems some spine.

Anyway, I could say “when in doubt . . .”, but there is never enough knowledge to make me wonder.  I just vote for the Democrat and I sleep well at night.

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