A Bill Of Goods

Yup.  That’s what you’ve been sold.  A Bill Of Goods.  Lock, stock and barrel, it was sold and you, the American public has bought it.  Hook, line and sinker.

College sports.  Are we big suckers, or what?

Scandal after scandal after scandal.  Almost a ‘scandal du jour.’

Students are supposed to go to college/university in order to increase their earning power in the market place.

And definitely not for this

The late-night firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno sent some Penn State students into the streets Wednesday night, with a handful clashing with police, knocking down sign posts, shattering car windows and turning over trash cans and newspaper boxes.

A throng of students even overturned a television news van — apparently symbolizing their wrath at the media, which they largely blamed for the ouster of the beloved coach they call Joe Pa.

Law enforcement officers used pepper spray on some of the students. But when it became clear they had lost control of the crowd, they stood back, allowing the largely non-violent crowd of young men and women to vent their outrage.

At Penn State we have a culture that says winning is absolutely the most important thing.

And last year there was a different scandal at a different school.

But it is always about money.  Penn State football is worth over $100 million a year to State College, PA where Penn State is located.

Unless and until the culture changes there will be another Penn State scandal next month or next year.

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