Too Pricey

It was the bill.  Mrs. Chief & I looking at and talking about the current cable bill from Time-Warner.  We have hi-speed internet, one HD receiver with a recorder and two standard receivers and HBO.  $173.  I picked up the phone and called Dish Network and scheduled an installation.  That was 9 Nov.  The install took about 4 hours to complete yesterday afternoon.

We initially had Dish Network installed in July 2000 when we lived at the lake.  And when we came to Ohio in late 2006 we brought Dish with us.  But, Dish dropped some of our favorite channels and we decided to try Time-Warner.

Well, I have not turned in all the Time-Warner gear yet – that’ll be Monday – and I may keep Time-Warner’s hi-speed internet.  But the rest of my very expensive Time-Warner is gone.  Dish Network is about half the price of T-W.


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  1. […] stopping Time-Warner cable service, see here, and turning in all the equipment, T-W had one final thing to do and that is to put a […]

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