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There are reasons why one may not post everyday.  I mean, life comes along and, as this is not a paying job, other items become Priority One.

In this case, Mrs. Chief and I have bought a house.  Not just any house because this is special on two fronts.

First off, we own our primary residence.  Last spring, Mrs. Chief came up with the idea of helping out our son and his family by buying a house that they could buy from us on a land contract.

Good idea, right?  I mean you’re supposed to help your kids out, aren’t you?

Well, the first house we ran across, Mrs. Chief has a special emotional attachment to.  She had an aunt and uncle living there and she spent extended periods of time living with Aunt Luella and Uncle Roye.  When Mrs. Chief was in either the first or second grade, Luella would walk her the four blocks to and from school each day.

When Roye died in 1983, the man we bought the house from had purchased it from the estate.

We bought the house as a ‘short-sale’ in that the owner owed more on the house than he was offering it for sale.  And it took several months for the bank that held the mortgage to agree to sell.  And we bought the house at about fifty cents on the dollar.  We could not have afforded to help our son and his family if this was priced as a 2004 sale.  The steep decline in the housing market is the only way we could pull this off.

This almost-one-hundred-year-old-house does have a lot of cosmetic problems but is structurally sound.  It looks as if the previous owner had not washed windows or cleaned the inside of the microwave in the 28 years he lived there.  So son and daughter-in-law have their work cut out for them.

But, and this is huge, they will be paying a lot less to live here than they were paying in rent.

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