OCCUPY Duration

I hear some folks on NPR saying that it doesn’t matter if the “OCCUPY Movement” is kicked out of the public places where folks have been assembling.  Their reasoning seems to be that now that the OCCUPY ‘state of mind’ is in the public consciousness, it does not need to have a physical presence.

I strongly disagree.  OCCUPY may strongly exist in the minds of those folks that are 30 and younger or 35 and younger.  And it may exist in a large percent of the minds of that group.

But those folks that are over 60 (and they vote all out of proportion to their % of the population), they aren’t all on board yet.  The over 60 crowd needs to see the inconvenience that happens in a participatory democracy.  The over 60 crowd needs to see the peaceful protesters being abused by the police.

The over 60 crowd is far too comfortable in their retirement, living off their nest egg to have a real, emotional connection to OCCUPY where ever the encampment may occur.

Police violence on TV will have the same effect on the public that the graphic violence from Viet Nam had in the 1960s that fueled the anti-war movement.

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One Comment on “OCCUPY Duration”

  1. ch4wordpress Says:

    you are right that the occupy movement is not in any way saturated in the minds of enough people, but neither was the tea party. I think both movements are in an interesting position and must look forward to be successful http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/9152137/about_ecopolitics_nov_14th_2011.html?cat=3

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