Where Now

What does the future hold for the OCCUPY movement?  Well, they sure are not going to form a third (or fourth) political party and have any hope of resolving any grievances.  But some how the ‘energy’ must be channeled or directed in one or a few directions that may hold promise for long-term change.

Currently, both major political parties are beholden to the suppliers of the Almighty Dollar.  Campaign contributions are the life blood of political campaigns.  A house member, running every 2 years, if s/he needs $5 million for the next campaign, must raise $7,000 every day, 365 a year.

And after Citizens United, with corporations = people, politicians are obliged to cater to the fewest number of suppliers of those dollars.


Or look to those few politicians that have core progressive values and enough of their own money so they will not have rely as much on campaign contributions.

Basically that means, find a rich Democrat already in Congress who believes in the middle class.

I mean, you can see what the TeaPartiers did.  A whole bunch of Repubs that claimed TeaParty values got elected a year ago.  All they have accomplished is to prohibit the passage of most legislation.  They are not solving problems.  They are obstructionists.

I can see the 99%-ers having a positive agenda.  First, they want to illuminate the problems.  Shine a lot of white-hot lights on the problems.  Then, when they’ve boiled the number of problems down to a manageable size, they will begin to work on solutions.

The energy will be channeled to registering like minded voters, campaigning for like-minded candidates and Get Out The Vote when the polls are open.

Obviously, y’all will think of other paths from OCCUPY to some un-defined (as of now) point in the future.

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