Not All Know

I’m sitting here with a freshly brewed cup of Bigelow organic green tea.

After stopping Time-Warner cable service, see here, and turning in all the equipment, T-W had one final thing to do and that is to put a ‘trap’ on the line so I could not steal any of their service.

A tech came out, put a ladder up against the pole and did what ever it is he had to do.  After he came down, he asked about this in the front yard.

So the gentleman and I chatted about a few things.  He is 58 years old, a working stiff like I used to be and what you, dear reader, most likely are.  He had no idea what the “99%” was all about.  I tried to explain to him, but maybe I talked too fast.  Anyway, I implored him to watch MSNBC and Rachel Maddow.

But, my point is here was a chance meeting with a guy just trying to make a living.  If he had to ask what the sign was about, how many other folks that drive by the front of my house do not have a clue as to what it means?

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