Veteran’s Affairs

The Chairperson and the Ranking Member of the Veteran’s Affairs Committees in both the Senate and the House, with the singular exception of the Ranking Member in the House,  Democrat Bob Filner who, apparently does not want to hear from veterans, received the following from me this morning.

(Appropriate Salutation)

It has come to my attention that, as Chairman of the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs you were a signer of a letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

I understand that this paragraph was a part of that letter:

“We believe no constituency better understands the challenge America faces, and no constituency is better suited to, again, lead by example by putting country first.”

Yes, I and my fellow veterans understand.  We understand better than most citizens of the United States because we have sacrificed.  Enough.

There are millions of citizens in the country who enriched them selves while I was serving on active duty in the U. S. Navy for twenty-one years.

I have sacrificed.  I have missed too many wedding anniversaries‘.  I have missed too many of my children’s birthdays.  I have missed far too many Christmas mornings watching the joy in my children’s eyes as they opened their presents.

When I joined the Navy, I was told that if I spent twenty years in the Navy, my medical bills would be paid for by the government for the rest of my life.  That is not true any longer.

Reducing benefits will only make the ‘all-volunteer’ military more unattractive.

I do have two suggestions.  First, close the loopholes in the tax code that allows large corporations to pay no income taxes and allows billionaire hedge fund managers to pay taxes at a fifteen percent rate.

Second, you could do what Senator Henry Cabot Lodge did in 1942.  You could resign your house seat and join the military.


(Name Redacted)
Senior Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy, Retired

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