Newt Wants To Drug Test Seniors

Yahoo News has this piece by Chris Moody on Newt Gingrich campaigning in Naples, Florida.

About half way through the piece, I found this question and Newt’s answer.

Speaking of Ron Paul, at the last debate, he said that the war on drugs has been an utter failure. We’ve spent billions of dollars since President Nixon and we still have rising levels of drug use. Should we continue down the same path given the amount of money we’ve spent? How can we reform our approach?

I think that we need to consider taking more explicit steps to make it expensive to be a drug user. It could be through testing before you get any kind of federal aid. Unemployment compensation, food stamps, you name it.

Federal Aid.  Hm-m-m-m, Newt is speaking in “retirement land” which means a large percent of the people are drawing Social Security.  So, is that where the last three words of his response comes in?

Newt is bright enough to be purposely ambiguous in front of a target audience.  But I take it that he wants to have drug testing for anyone who gets federal money.  That would be seniors drawing Social Security, retired military, students getting student aid in the form of loans and, of course, those on any form of public assistance.

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