100 Year Anniversary

One hundred years ago today, the first person arrived at the South Pole.  From RawStory

One hundred years ago Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen won the race to the South Pole in a dramatic and ultimately fatal duel with British adventurer Robert Scott that captured the world’s attention.

On December 14, 1911, not long before the outbreak of World War I as nationalism was on the rise in Europe, Amundsen and the four members of his team were the first to plant the Norwegian flag at the southernmost tip of the globe.

His victory over the English naval officer is the monumental tale of a pragmatic and wily Scandinavian over the courageous but obdurate gentleman.

Here is a picture of the Ol’ Chief at the ceremonial South Pole, taken 38 years ago.

The transportation methods and weather forecasting have improved dramatically, but the Antarctic is still a very dangerous place.  While the summer time temperature will approach 50 degrees F at the main U.S. base at McMurdo, the temperature never goes above zero degrees F at Pole Station.

A check of the weather forecast precedes any and all activities.

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3 Comments on “100 Year Anniversary”

  1. […] this post, I made the following comment  but the Antarctic is still a very dangerous […]

  2. Chief Says:

    Somewhere around here I have a couple of books about Shackleton, one of which is a large, coffee table type, with a lot of pictures. It is amazing that Shackleton did not lose one man and that they brought back so many photos. The photos were on glass and were heavy.

    The 1909 Shackleton expedition had the good sense to turn around when they were less than 100 miles from Pole.

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