Where Indefinite Detention Will Lead

First, a third party in the USA is not going to happen.

Second, none of the Republican clown-pretenders, pandering to the radical fringe has the intellect to be president.  But, then again, W’s intellect is only slightly greater than Rick Perry.

Third, indefinite imprisonment of suspected terrorists, to be enshrined in law when POTUS signs the National Defense Authorization Bill into law and will make it much more difficult to return to sanity.

What began in Tunisia a year ago (18 Dec 10) and dubbed “The Arab Spring” has spread to many parts of the globe and is Time magazines “Person of the Year.”

And in most counties in the Arab world, there has been considerable loss of life as citizens tire of dictators and try to turn their individual countries around.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) seemed to be the beginning of that in the US, but, like most Americans who have a short attention span, OWS just petered out.

After the National Defense Authorization Act is enshrined into law, could any person who is a “leader” of an OWS movement/event be declared a “terrorist” by POTUS and spirited away to Gitmo forever?  Is this indefinite imprisonment of suspected terrorists just a smoke screen to allow the 1% to stay in power?  To say, “Hey 99% -ers, we got you by the short-n-curlies and we are willing to imprison you forever before we give up one iota of power.”

The USA will go through a long period of darkness, many, many decades of darkness, before the population throws off this yoke they’ve allowed themselves to be saddled with.  And when those decades of darkness end, it will be because some old fashioned patriots, in year 2080 or 2090, have had their blood run in the streets.

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