The Food Supply

My father-in-law has Stage 4 terminal cancer.  He is done with chemotherapy and appears to be growing weaker by the day.

And that is a good enough reason, if I need one, to speak to the issue of human beings and the food supply.  A few months back, I heard part of an interview with a female oncologist who specialized in breast cancer.  She said that 100 years ago, breast cancer was unheard of.  Along that same line, my first personal knowledge of cancer was in 1964 when one of Mrs. Chief’s aunts succumbed to cancer.  The second time was nine years later in 1973 when another of Mrs. Chief’s aunts passed away because of cancer.

I question the food supply when it comes to the dramatic leap in cancer in the US.  But their is another thing that also makes me question the food supply.  Not only do girls reach sexual maturity at a younger age but as adults their breasts, on average, are much larger than they were sixty years ago.

I believe all of the above are caused by our food supply.  Can’t prove it and any evidence is merely anecdotal.  You know, something like smoking cigarettes and lung cancer was forty years ago.

Mrs Chief and I are inveterate label readers.  If the label has high fructose corn syrup (HFCS),  hydrogenated fats, excessive amounts of sodium, that item can stay in the store.  We prefer fresh food over processed food and if we buy a bag of frozen green beans or sweet corn, that bag will have no additives, just corn or beans or whatever.

This link will help in making the right decisions on how to avoid cancer.

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4 Comments on “The Food Supply”

  1. Jim and I so agree with you, Chief. Something is not right.

    Allow me to recommend this excellent short vid by Dr. Wahls at the TEDx conference on how she used diet to overcome her m.s. (I saw it via Cryptogon). Her advise would work for any autoimmune illness. The medical establishment could not help her, so as she declined she turned to the internet and fixed herself, as we all must.

    See vid here:

    Her book is Minding Your Mitochondria.


    • Chief Says:

      In her talk, Dr. Wahls said this, “For 2 ½ million years, before the dawn of agriculture a mere 10,000 years ago, our ancestors lived off what they could gather or hunt—a combination of leaves, roots, berries, wild game and fish that was locally obtained, in season and fresh. There was no grain, no dairy and no potatoes in their diet.” And I might add, no shoes, either.

      Thanks for the link to the Doc’s speech.

      And if ever want to talk about another disease, the prostate, give a holler.

      • Yeah, I just think the body does not know how to process coal tar derivatives and things like margarine and Velveeta. The more to the natural, the better, IMHO.

        NO “diet” foods, no artificial sweeteners — no garbage. Otherwise, Big Pharma is just waiting for you, with a pill for what ails you.

  2. […] More Natural Diet This story on BBC News goes right along with the first comment here. […]

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