Hoover Heck & Glen Canyon Heck

Rick Perry is terminally stupid.  One of my very minor concerns is whether or not the American taxpayer will have to pay the salary of the guy who, 24/7, must remind him to breathe.

From the  Texas Tribune  yesterday, Dec 29.  I am not concerned with Perry’s lack of a response to the original question which asked about the SCOTUS ruling in Lawrence v. Texas which struck down anti-sodomy laws.  Although that happened in 2003 while he was governor of the great state of Texas.

That, in and of itself, is startling and, to most people, the real story.

But, in what appears to be a throw-away line, Governor Good-Hair refrains from using the word “dam” without the “n” when he says (my bolds)

“If we don’t go in and cut the size of government, court court cases aren’t going to make a tinker’s heck,” he said,

First off, I suspect that most folks do not know what a tinker was. You don’t find them any more in our throw-away economy, but most tinkers were itinerant “fixers-of-broken-things.”  Some operated out of fixed location where they sold items and fixed items on the side. Back before all pots were lined with a non stick surface, when a pot developed a hole, the pot was taken to a tinker for repairs.  A “tinkers dam” was used to stop the flow of soldering material being used to close the hole.  A tinker’s dam could be made of clay or uncooked bread dough.  It was anything that would contain the liquid solder until it set up.  Then the dam was discarded because it was worthless.

Did Perry think he was going to offend somebody by using dam so that is why he used “heck?”

This, surely, is not a guy that I want to have a beer with.

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One Comment on “Hoover Heck & Glen Canyon Heck”

  1. Matt Bertles Says:

    Little Ricky will soon be back in Texas killing inmates.

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