More Natural Diet

This story on BBC News goes right along with the first comment here.

The article begins with

A diet rich in vitamins and fish may protect the brain from aging while junk food has the opposite effect, research suggests.

Elderly people with high blood levels of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids had less brain shrinkage and better mental performance, a  Neurology study found.

And I have no problem on trying eat healthier.  Mrs. Chief & I go to great lengths to eat foods low in sodium, foods with no trans fats and no hydrogenated oils.

But eating healthier is not cheap.  Healthier food (as opposed to supplements such as multi-vitamins, Vitamin C et al) is more expensive.  Most people follow old habits and buy what is on the super market shelf.  Organic food, free-range livestock, grass-fed beef is more expensive to make and keep separate in the food channels all the way to market.

And the reality is that one may never know how the dietary choices made thirty years ago will affect one in the future.

Personally, I try to apply common sense to the issue at hand.  Mrs. Chief says I need to wear shoes, say while I am in the backyard.  I reply that as the human animal was developing, say a quarter million years ago, shoes were never worn, at least in warmer climes.

My plan is to continue to make one small change at a time.

I think I shall have an apple.

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