The Food Supply II

If your only contact with the livestock industry is picking up a roast or a package of pork chops at the super market, you may not be aware what goes on with your average cow or pig before it goes for that final ride.

Livestock feed is bought in bulk.  Except for medium-sized and larger producers.  They buy the ingredients and mix their own feed.

I was an extremely small hog producer so I bought it a ton at a time, in 100 pound bags that I would load in the back of my pick up and then set on the barn floor.

I mention all this because there are many ingredients that can be added to the feed to promote growth and reduce disease.

I left farming in 1984, over 27 years ago.  I have never heard of the drug mentioned in this FDA’s Centers for Veterinary Medicine “order prohibiting certain uses of the cephalosporin class of antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals.”

The FDA order can be found here.

Personally, I do not think the order goes far enough. There are loop holes in this order and a loop hole is all a farmer or vet needs to keep on using this class of drugs.

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