Could This Be . . .

. . . the unintended consequence of the lowering of the U. S. Army enlistment standards?

U.S. Base Missing ‘Sensitive’ Equipment

A military base in Washington state is under lockdown after it was reported that “sensitive” equipment was missing Sunday. Nearly 100 soldiers have been confined to the Lewis-McChord base after equipment, including scopes and night lasers, were found to be missing. It’s not clear how long the equipment has been lost.

When I was a U. S. Navy recruiter in the late 1970s, I would have difficulty getting permission to ship a non-high school grad if his ASVAB score was 49 or lower. The highest one can score on the ASVAB is 99.

I understand that around 2005 the U.S. Army was taking non-grads with an ASVAB score as low as 21.  Some of these folks needed enlistment waivers because of criminal convictions for gang-related activity.

Obviously, I do not know what when in Washington state.  But . .  Just sayin’.

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