Me thinks there is something foul smelling coming down the pike.  This is the Ghost of 2004 when W got re-elected on the strength of the turnout of the evangelical vote.  The Rs put the ‘same-sex-marriage-thing’ on the ballot in many states.  And then the Rs got the radical, rabid right all worked up into a lather and they turned out in numbers all out of proportion to their numerical position in society.  All of the same sex marriage initiatives went down to defeat and the dunce ( W ) was reelected.

Now the Rs are up to the same old trick.  Both Arkansas and Ohio are mentioned in this piece.

In October, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected his state’s personhood initiative, after determining that a summary of the initiative was not “fair and truthful.” Supporters of the amendment addressed those concerns by adding language to clarify that the proposal would neither restrict the use of contraception nor affect in-vitro fertilization and, on Dec. 30, DeWine certified the rewritten ballot language.

Mississippi defeated this same type of cock-a-manie crap last November.  But this November with a presidential election to boot, the person hood amendment will be on the ballot in over twenty states.

Liberals/progressives need to Occupy The Voting Booth come November.

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