In A World

turned upside down and inside out, we seem to have one republican governor working hard to out do the other wacky Repub guv’nors.

First there were Governors Walker in Wisconsin, then Kasich in Ohio, Christie in NJ, Scott in FL, Snyder of MI and the latest to join the “I Hate The Citizens Of My State Club” is The Governor of The Great State of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett has announced a major assault on the food stamp program that feeds 1.8 million Pennsylvanians, including 439,245 in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfareannounced that on May 1, people under 60 with more than $2,000 in savings or other assets will be barred from receiving food stamps. People over 60 would have a $3,250 cap.

It looks to me that if you own a car, even a falling apart, rusted out junker that you will be ineligible for food stamps.  So what about the single-mom with 3 kids who needs to drive to work at a convenience store halfway across town?

What about the family trying to hold on to their house after he got laid off, is drawing un-employment, kids getting free lunches at school?

Governor Corbett is way beyond mean.  He is beyond mean on steroids.

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