Playing By The Rules

Most of us played by the rules.  Some sooner than others, but eventually.  We got a job or went to college and then got a job, we showed up for work every day and life was good.

But some of us were born in the seventies and even though we played by the rules, the game was changing.  We got to the point where we had a reasonably good paying job and  –  WHAM  –  Congress changed the tax code and made it more profitable for corporations to outsource those good paying  jobs to far away places in other countries where the labor force would work for mere pennies.  A race to the bottom.

Of course it wasn’t just any Congress that changed the tax code, er, rules.  It was a Congress whose members had received campaign donations from those very industries that would benefit the most from the new laws rules.

Voting for Democrats is not enough.  The need to to ensure the progressive and not the Blue Dog, wins the primary.  Then there will be real choice in the General Election.

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