Four People

One of them is fictitious, Gordon Gecko

is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the 1987 film Wall Street and the antihero of the 2010 film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, both directed by Oliver Stone. Gekko was portrayed by actor Michael Douglas, whose performance in the first film won him an Oscar for Best Actor.

The rest have populated the American scene, for better or (mostly) worse for the last thirty years.  And they are all connected by inhabiting the top one-tenth of the top one percent of wealth in the United States.

First, is Albert John Dunlop.  What say, “you do not recognize the name?”  How about if I just referred to him as “Chainsaw Al?”  Ring any bells?

a retired corporate executive. He was best known as a turnaround specialist and downsizer. The ruthless methods he employed to streamline ailing companies, most notably Scott Paper, won him the nicknames “Chainsaw Al” and “Rambo in Pinstripes”. However, his reputation was ruined after he engineered a massive accounting scandal at Sunbeam-Oster.

Second is George H. W. Bush.  He was the 41st President of the United States.  It is easy to portray Bush I as a victim, but that movie will not play on Liberty Street.  Bush I was born into the type of wealth we cannot even imagine and was so clueless, so out of touch with the American mainstream that he did not know what a ‘checkout scanner’ was when he was running against Bill Clinton in 1992.

And last is a person who shares too many traits with both Chainsaw Al and Poppy Bush, Willard Mitt Romney .  From “What Romney Learned”

but other Bain deals cost many workers their jobs. “His mission: To reap massive rewards for himself and his investors,” the narrator of a new anti-Romney documentary darkly declares, while bemoaning “the thousands of American workers he left in the dust.”

. . .

Republican foe Newt Gingrich — whose supporters produced the grim Romney-bashing documentary — says Romney “looted companies and left people unemployed.” Democrats in Congress, cleverly tweaking a Republican buzzphrase, call Romney a “job cremator.”

Romney’s net-worth, is in excess of $200 million and he did not start at the bottom.  His Father, George Romney, was a high paid automobile exec in Detroit.

Mr Romney’s idea of public service?  Join the military?  Peace Corps?  Not a chance.  Mitt’s idea of public service for his five, yes five, sons is for those men to work for him, to help get him elected.

Out of touch?  Does a bear shit in the woods?

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